Friday, 10 May 2013

Up Close & Personal with Anupama & Christin!

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Time to meet another couple of ladies from our talented design team!
Give it up for Anupama Choudary from India & Christin Gronnslett from Norway!!
Wooooop!!!  Read all about these 2 lovelies under or Designers' Tab HERE.

1. What's your day job?
I am a happy stay-at-home mom. When the kids are at school,
I am in my home studio creating for my Design Teams or working 
on commissioned projects for my own label 'Once Upon A Time'.
2. Describe your favourite project.
An ongoing project that is close to my heart is a series entitled
'Postcards from India' where I portray life as I see it everyday
around me. From street vendors to our temples, India is colourful, 
diverse and exotic!
3. What are your fave nibbles & drinks while scrapbooking?
I thrive on coffee while creating. On days when I am truly happy 
with my layout or the response to my work, I reward myself
with a slab of chocolate!

1. How often do you scrapbook?
Most nights, when the kids are asleep I sneak down to the basement
to my scrap cave! I don’t always make anything, but I get inspired 
& usually get something crafty done as I can’t stand sitting watching 
TV in the evenings - I like to be productive!
 2. How long does it take you to complete a scrapbook page?
It varies so much! My process can be really fast or very slow, but 
on average it takes me 2 evenings to finish a layout and over the
weekends I can get 4 or 5 layouts done.  If I'm feeling really inspired
& have a sketch & the products ready I can finish a layout in 30 minutes
– including stencilled backgrounds!
 3. Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I wrote my thesis about American Military Strategy in Norway from 
1957-1963. In 1995 I started a web page about Kids' TV from the 60's
to the 90's….that was until scrapbooking took over! 

Well I don't know about YOU but I found those facts REALLY
 interesting!!  Why not leave some LOVE for these two
 hard-working designers in our comments section?!


Lizzyc said...

Thanks for sharing about yourselves, you are amazing scrappers!


Thank you Lizzy :)

Denise van Deventer said...

Love both Anupama and Christin's work! Love both your styles and am always so excited to see what your next project is! ;-)

Hilda Han said...

Thanks for sharing with us a little bit about yourselves! I'm intrigued how Christin's interest evolved from american military to kids' tv to scrapbooking! Lol... kids' tv in particular... I really enjoyed the cartoons of my time... captain planet, TMNT, etc... some cartoons of today are a little odd for my liking.. Lol! :)

Ava Gavloski said...

Nice to get to know you ladies. You are all speed scrappers. I usually have to do warm up exercises as if I were take a jog around the block. Yesterday, it took me 6 times to get a stamp to stamp clear and sharply. You would have thought I forgot how to stamp!!! Enjoy your time with Helen

Helen Tilbury said...

Haha Ava I know what you mean! It takes me time to get into it too!! Hilda I agree about Christin - my gosh what versatility LOL!!!