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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Scrap Around The World Mood Boards & Winners' Celebrations!
For Year 2 - May 2014 - April 2015

Hello all SATW readers & followers!

It's Nicole, & let me tell you that you are in for a special treat today!!

Instead of the usual Guest Team post that I usually share with you 
on the 12th of each month, I have prepared for you a different kind 
of post as we are not having a Guest Team this month.

No reason to fret though!  This post will be choc full of amazing 
eye candy... quite possibly the sweetest, most delicious candy ever... 
the cream of the crop, the best of the best, the finest... 
the most memorable creative inspiration that you just may have seen all year!

Today we pay special tribute to our VIPs!!!

In celebration of our 2015 EPIC EVENT,
 (click HERE to find out all the details just in case you haven't already!!!)
we thought it would be a great idea to go down memory lane
 & share with you again all our top winners of the 2nd year of 
Scrap Around the World, that is, from May 2014 to April 2015! 

You will therefore see the mood board for each month,
followed by the #1 winning layout for that same month 
(including 1st place winner's name, blog link and country),
& then the Wall of Fame, featuring our monthly Top 10!  

So, in 1 single post, you will see all our
 WOFFERS (Wall of Famers) from the past year!

 As you know, during our annual Epic Event, our WOFFERS from the past year 
get special treatment as they have the chance to win our top 10 prizes 
& be in the running  to become 1 or our 10 TOP TEN PLAYERS OF SEASON 2 
(MAY 2014 - APRIL 2015)!!!

Of course, at SATW, we want to give everyone a chance to win 
so we made sure that we would have a lot of extra fabulous prizes 
for our non WOFFERS, including our random followers comment prize 
& random FB prize.  Check them all out HERE!
So now, be ready to BE INSPIRED by outstanding creative talent 
from all around the world!

May 2014 Epic Event


Since the TOP 10 Epic Event players for 2014 were not ranked 1 to 10,
we don't have a 1st place layout to feature.  However, because we feel 
that our TOP 10 2014 PLAYERS deserve a special mention, 
here they all are on the MAY 2014 EPIC WALL OF FAME, 
followed by each of their names linked to their blogs.

  Anna Komenda {Poland}
  Tatyana Sidorenko {Belarus}
  Melenia Agapides {Greece}
  Zuziucha {Poland} 
  Macarena {Poland}
  Jelissa Mei {Singapore}
  Funiaa {Poland}
  Anna Rogalska {Poland}
Dorota Dolega {France}

June 2014


1st place winner - Brandi Matos {USA}


July 2014

1st place winner - Nupur Patel {India}

August 2014

1st place winner - Galina Sazonova {Russia}

September 2014

1st place winner - Yulia Mozhova {Ukraine}


October 2014

1st place winner - Jasmine Shea {Australia}


November 2014

1st place winner - Olga Ryzhkova {Russia}

December 2014

1st place winner - Halyna Filippenko {Ukraine}

January 2015


1st place winner - Elena Tretiakova {Russia}

February 2015


1st place winner - Nina Roganova {Russia}

March 2015


 1st place winner - Nastya Istorkina {Ukraine}


April 2015


1st place winner - Arnlaug Koppang {Norway}


Now, wasn't this a fabulous stroll back into time!?

We want to take this opportunity to thank each of these incredible VIPs,
as well as all of you, for choosing to participate in our challenges each month
& helping Scrap Around the World be as successful as it is today!

We hope that looking at all these fabulous layouts has inspired you
to play along with our Epic Event May 2015 celebratory mood board!!

 Click HERE to read up on rules, different ways to win, 
awesome prizes & to see the first batch of some beautiful DT inspiration.  
As usual, the mid-month reveal featuring the rest of the team 
will go live on the 16th!! 

Happy SATW Epic Event EVERYONE!!! 

Compiled & posted by Nicole Doiron
SATW Guest Co-ordinator

Admin Team - <br>Guest Manager<br> & Canvas Specialist


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Special Tribute Post to ALL our past WINNERS!
Scrap Around The World Eye Candy!!
Plus a Breakdown of the Nationality of our Winners!!!

Hello all!  If you are reading this today, the 24th December 2014, 
congratulate yourself for being so well prepared & for spoiling
 yourself enough to treat yourself to a coffee or tea break on your
 favourite challenge blog :) Scrap Around The World!!

We decided to let our design team off their tutorials this month to give
everyone more free/family/friends time to prepare for the holidays,
so instead we have a fun SURPRISE feature for you today -
ALL OUR PAST WINNERS!!  All 18 of them!!!

Pretty cool idea we came up with huh?!?
Thanks to our new Tuturials co-ordinator Heather McMahon for
gathering together all the information needed for this post to be possible.
Sit back & enjoy the ride as we take you on a trip down memory lane,
the past 18 months of glorious inspiration & victory!!

May 2013 Challenge 1 Winner - Arnlaug Koppang  {Norway}

June 2013 Challenge 2 Winner - Lisa Griffith {USA}

July 2013 Challenge 3 Winner Kim Ewins {Australia}

{Kim caught our eye here & shortly after was invited 
to join our design team & has been with us ever since!}

August 2013 Challenge 4 Winner -  Po Prostu Asia {Poland}

September 2013 Challenge 5 Winner - Zeneva Kovic {Australia}

October 2013 Challenge 6 Winner Jelissa Mei {Singapore}

November 2013 Challenge 7 Winner - Taniko {Ukraine}

December 2013 Challenge 8 Winner - Elena {Russia}

January 2014 Challenge 9 Winner - Tanita {Russia}

February 2014 Challenge 10 Winner Anna Komenda {Poland}

Anna has always been a regular player at SATW & a part of our design team in 2014.

March 2014 Challenge 11 Winner - Anna Rogalska {Poland}

We held a DT call soon after Anna submitted this layout & Anna applied & joined SATW!

April 2014 Challenge 12 Winner - Fiona Paltridge {Australia}

May 2013/2014 EPIC Challenge 13 Winner - Tatyana Sidorenko {Belarus}

Go HERE & HERE to see our other 9 Epic Winners!

Soon after Tatyana was invited to join the SATW team - you can see why!!

June 2014 Challenge 14 Winner - Brandi Matos {USA}

July 2014 Challenge 15 Winner - Nupur Patel {India}

August 2014 Challenge 16 Winner - Galina Sazonova {Russia}

September 2014 Challenge 17 Winner - Yulia Mozhova {Ukraine}

October 2014 Challenge 18 Winner - Jasmine Shea {Australia}

November 2014 Challenge 19 Winner - Olga Ryzhkova {Russia}

19 Challenges to date with winners from all around the world!  
As we had TEN EPIC WINNERS in May for our Epic Anniversary Event
I decided to do a fun tally of the countries our winners currently reside in
& came up with some interesting results!

Since SATW began we have had one winner from Norway, one from France,
one from Greece, one from India, 2 wins from Singapore {both from Jelissa Mei!}, 
one from Belarus, one from Ukraine, 3 winners from the USA, 4 winners from Australia,
 4 winners from Russia & EIGHT WINS FROM POLAND!! {2 wins from Anna Komenda!}

That tells me that the Poles know a thing or two about scrapbooking!
They are well in the lead with Russia & Australia hot on their heels!!
I hope they have inspired you to create top calibre entries, wherever
you live in the world, & keep a keen eye on them for inspiration! 

Time to get your game faces on ladies & gents!!
After all the turkey eating is over tomorrow & the next day
 you will still have a few days left to get your entry in.  


See our latest challenge here
 Remember our time-saving December rule -
 tags & ATCs allowed FOR THIS MONTH ONLY!!

***From Scrap Around The World, we wish all our players, fans & Facebook 
Supporters a very merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, 
to all a safe & joyful holiday season.***