Sunday, 19 May 2013

Meet Sweet Jessy & Juraci!

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Today I am introducing you to Jessy Christopher from Malaysia
 & Juraci Falcucci from Brazil!

1.     How did you discover scrapbooking?

 It was all started when I discovered Scrapbook Etc Magazine!
Scrapbooking materials were scarce to find back then so I 
started with digital & hybrid scrapbooking and finally ventured
into paper scrapbooking in 2008.

 2.     Do you listen to music while you scrap?  

If so name 3 songs on your media player...    

Yes, I need to listen to music when I scrap. 
Right now 3 songs on my player are:-  

Adele – Someone Like You, 
Phil Wickham – At Your Name
Freedom Reigns – Jesus Culture

3.     Tell us something interesting about yourself!

I have a thing for the British accent :) 
Think Hugh Grant, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, 
Sean Connery and Rupert Everett. 

When I hear that accent I just melt!

1. How did you discover scrapbooking?

 My daughter was pregnant and lived in another city when I visited her and found a scrap shop in the mall. 
I was delighted and did one album for her and her new baby. After that I was hooked and couldn't stop!!

2. Tell us about the country & the area you live in...

I live in a part of Brazil that is really hot practically the whole year round, with only a few cold days. 
We have some dams and lakes in the surrounding towns where people enjoy water sports.

3. Do you snack while you work? 

I don't like to eat when I'm working on my pages but I do love a cup of coffee ♥


These two ladies are both so talented & passionate about their craft
& I thoroughly enjoyed reading their answers, how about you?

I'm also a sucker for a charming British accent which is 
actually how I fell for my husband 29 years ago!!

And I'm always amazed at how coffee unites the world!!!
Oh how I would love to try a cup of genuine Brazilian coffee
in Brazil - someday I will visit & meet up with Juraci!


juscrap said...

Ohhh thank you Helen! I would love to have coffee with you.

Hilda Han said...

Hehe... cos I scrap at night in front of my tele, it actually keeps my hands busy and hence off snacking! It's those nights when I don't scrap that I'm eating non-stop. Haha!

Lizzyc said...

So nice to know a bit more about you!!

Denise Price said...

I love reading these little tidbits. I miss S B E, the magazine that Jessy mentioned, and I wish I could have coffee with y'all, too! :)

Helen Tilbury said...

Aaaaaw thank you ladies!! SBE never allowed international subscriptions & wasn't available locally so I never got to know them unfortunately...


Looks like we are all united by our love for coffee apart from scrapbooking :)

juscrap said...

Thank you girls! I'd love to have coffee and make a scrap to all you guys

Eila Sandberg said...

Hear hear! coffee anytime for me too! xoxox