Saturday 4 July 2015

Introducing 8 new ambassadors at Scrap Around The World!
And Reminding You Who our Stalwarts Are!!

Hello everyone!  A LONG time ago we had a Design Team call!! 
 FINALLY we can introduce to you today our new 8 designers.  

SATW has 24 Designers in total & starting this term we actually have 
25 designers because our Designer, Marianne Johansson {Norway} will 
also be staying on as our "Wild Card" which means that she will step in
 to help out when necessary, when our designers are in hospital, have
 serious crises to deal with or go on their leave, so we can keep things
 running as smoothly as possible here for you & maintain our consistency.  

Our returning 16 designers are all part of the furniture at Scrap Around The World
 & special in their own ways.  Each one of them contributes something 
unique & necessary from serious talent to serious commitment.  
We have it all going on here thanks to these lovely ladies!! 
 A reminder of who we all are...


Helen Tilbury {South Africa} Owner, Manager & DT Co-ordinator

Nicole Doiron {Canada} Assistant DT Co-ordinator, 
Assistant Sponsor Co-ordinator, Administrator

Nicole is one seriously talented administrator & organiser 
& I wonder now how I ever lived without her!!

Pam Ellis {Canada} Monitor

Pam is the eyes & ears behind the scenes here 
at SATW - the all seeing, all knowing one :)

Di Garling {Australia} Facebook Manager

Our Facebook page is BOOMING! but sadly Facebook have changed their policies
 again & posts shared to our page by our players no longer appear in the feeds
 of all our LIKERS. This is  very sad but there is nothing we can do about it except
 regularly remind you all to please CLICK IN to our actual page (rather than waiting
 for it to appear in your news feed as POSTS BY OTHERS will NOT APPEAR - 
even if you have signed up to receive notifications.   The ONLY way you will see
 posts by others is to type our name into the search  bar of Facebook & actually
 visit our page occasionally.  SUCH A PAIN but it is what it is :/


Arantzazu Sangrador {Spain} Instagram Manager

Follow us on Instagram HERE.

Arantzazu is putting us on the Instagram map with her sterling efforts!!
Follow SATW to see practically everything that goes on 10 times a week!!!

Rachael Funnell {Australia} Wall of Fame/Winners Poster

Each month Rachael takes on the daunting task of preparing our
 awesome WOF {Wall of Fame} as well as the mammoth winner's post.

Pascale Bernard {France} 

Pascale is our resident techy genius & keeps our blog in ship-shape.
From August onwards she will also help me with votes correlation.

Tusia Lech {Poland} Reveal Poster

Tusia prepares the mid-month reveal post & from August 
onwards will be preparing the 1st of the month post as well.

Valia Katzaki{Greece} Facebook Monitor

Valia ensures that everyone shares our posts each week for
 the furthest reach possible.  It's all about team work at SATW.

Heather McMahon {Australia} Tutorials Monitor

Heather co-ordinates our 2 monthly tutorials. 

Tiphanie Barbreau {France} ART JOURNAL SPECIALIST

Shilpa Nagaonkar {India} ART JOURNAL SPECIALIST

Fiona Paltridge {Australia} DESIGNER

Jaya Raghuvanshi {India} DESIGNER

Lydie Denis LILIBLEU {France} DESIGNER

Tanya Dudkina {Russia} DESIGNER

Marianne Johansson {Norway} Reserve Designer/Wild Card


Hi everybody! My name is Anna Wiśniewska AKA Wiosanka. I live in Poland, very near to The Baltic Sea. I felt in love with scrapbooking over 5 years ago & it is still my big passion. I especially love creating layouts - that big form gives me the space to express my feelings & memories. My projects are always bright, colourful, full of emotions, different media & messy paint splashes :-) I am very, very happy to join this fabulous team at SATW!


Hi everyone! My name is Elena & in the scrapbooking world my nickname is 
Elena Arts.  I was born in Russia but I have been living in Spain since 2000. 
I'm married with a little daughter who is my muse & the main source of my 
inspiration. In 2012 I discovered  scrapbooking & my world changed! 
I love creating a lot of beautiful things & especially enjoy Mixed Media. 
I love textures, gesso, modelling pastes, paints, sprays, fabric & paper!!
I am so happy to be able to do something I love so much!!!
Creating fills me with energy & inspires more creativity.
I am very honoured to be a part of this fantastic team - 
Thank you very much Helen!


Hello everyone. My name is Galina Filippenko & my nickname is Galachko.
 I live in Kiyv, the capital of Ukraine. I'm in love with my city & it's history. I started scrapbooking about 2 years ago. My favourite style is nautical as I love the sea!  My style is experimental but  most of all I like mixed-media as well as clean & simple (CAS).  I am crazy about STAMPING!!   I love the smell of new paper & am a self-confessed paper hoarder. I’m so happy to be a part of this fabulous team at SATW!

Hi! My name is Karine Gagnon. {aka mes10doigts}. I’m 35 years old 
& a french teacher in high school in Quebec city. I’ve been with my partner 
for 19 years & have 2 wonderful children who are the stars of my layouts! 
I discovered scrapbooking about ten years ago when my boyfriend 
came home with a magazine, telling me that he thought of me when
 he saw it. If only he’d knew the monster he would create! I've been
 passionate about this wonderful hobby ever since!!  My style is pretty 
versatile but I tend to go for a shabby chic layout (I just can’t resist flowers!) 
with a mixed media background. Since I discovered mixed media  I just 
can’t do a page without adding some!  Playing with all those mediums is
 my favourite part of the scrapbooking process. I’m so happy to be a part 
of this adventure & I hope that my passion for this art will always show!


Hello everyone! My name is Marina Syskova & I from a small town in Russia, called Penza. I'm 27& I have 2 jobs - I am an oncologist as well as a teacher 
at the Penza Medical Institute. I love what I do & both of my jobs!!  I discovered scrapbooking just over 2 years ago & have been at peace ever since, thanks to paper, paints, sprays еtс!  My favourite style is mixed-media of course, because
 I can express myself completely & feel the freedom of creativity at it's fullest!  
 It's an incredible feeling to hold in your hands something of beauty that you have made yourself!  More recently I have been studying  blog design & redesigning
 my blog.  I am  really happy to be part of such a talented team.  Thank you Helen!

 Hi all :) I am Marta, my nickname is JaMajka & I am from Poland. 
I love scrapbooking & art journaling & have had my blog for 5 years now.
I love trying new techniques but I do it in my own way!  I love mixed media
as well as colourful sprays, masks & stamps!!  My work is full of emotions/
ideas/thoughts & is an extension of my internal mindset - sometimes peaceful
& romantic & at other times crazy & messy!  I am very happy to be a part of
this amazing team at Scrap Around The World!!  Thank you Helen!!!

Hello everyone!  My name is Priscilla Lim & I am from the sunny island of 
Singapore.  I'm a full time working mum who started scrapping back in
 2007, when my little prince was born. That is the reason why I named 
most of my social sites "Growing with Gabriel" :-D I LOVE SCRAPBOOKING!!!
Playing with pretty things & mediums is my NO. 1 passion :) As the years
 havepassed, scrapbooking, for me, has come a long way from just some 
simple fun to something competely therapeutic & addictive!  Why? 
Because not scrapping for some time will make me grouchy!! LOL.
 I'm thankful &really excited to be part of this great team. Woo hoo!!

Hello Everyone!  My name is Yasmin Tölche & I am a 35 year old Norwegian girl, mom to 3 awesome boys, Felix, Collin & Finnley, & wife to Kristian. Together we live in a small mountain village in Kyrksæterøra, Norway with our Rottweiler, Penny. All of the above are victims of my scrapbook obsession!  I am a fun girl with a good sense of humour, who loves to create! I started scrapbooking in August 2005 when I came across it by accident at a friend’s house. I had always loved to cut & paste pictures in albums & do some type of low-key scrapbooking but in 2005 I jumped in feet first! I love paints, mists & getting messy as well as soft,  vintage, romantic pages.  I LOVE LOTS OF LAYERS!!   I'm sooo excited to join the team at Scrap Around The World !!!




Valia Katzaki said...

What an amazing group of ladies with south talent! I am blessed to be a part of this!

Jaya Raghuvanshi said...

What a fantastic team this is! So excited to be a part of this :)

Di Garling said...

Welcome everyone, so glad to be a part of this amazing team.

Rachael Funnell said...

What an AMAZING talented line up... SUPER HAPPY to be part of the INCREDIBLE team.....

Marina Syskova said...

Congrats to all the ladies!!! I'm happy to be among so creative and talented designers!!!)))

Tiphanie B. said...

Welcome talented ladies, I'm happy to be here with us !

Letícia Schmidt said...
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Nupur said...

Wohooo Congratulations everyone! what an amazing line up of the creative ladies...xx

Marianne/skorpionen said...

Amazing team!! Huge congrats to all of you!

Galachko said...

Congratulations everyone! I'm so glad to be part of such amazing team))

Jane said...

Gosh so many talented ladies. ..what a huge team effort the challenge is. Thanks for all giving your time x

Lizzy Hill said...

HUGELY impressive lineup of serious talent!! Congrats everyone & can't wait to see all the inspiration you've got lined up for us!!!!

Nicole Doiron said...

What an amazing 'brochette' of talent and creativity!!! Welcome to all new designers!

Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Welcome new talented designers!! I am sure we all are going to have great creative fun together in coming months!!

Tusia Lech said...

So happy to be here and so happy to see all the talented ladies!! <3

Tanya Dudkina said...

Congrats! Amazing team 🌟

Sandi Clarkson said...

Such a great line-up! And a big shout out to Yasmin who is joining the team!

Lilibleu said...

Amazing team !!! Welcome new talented designers :)<3 <3
Lydie Denis.

Unknown said...

Mis más sinceras felicitaciones a este gran equipo de artistas y espero poder aprender mucho de todas ellas!!
Un abrazo a todas y en especial a mis paisanas...

Kasia Udalska said...

Wow, wow, wow, it will be so inspiring time with a new DT, and it's great that so many girls from "old" team stay in DT!

Attic Inspired Crafter said...

Lucky gals! Congrats to all!

Unknown said...

Congratulation girls

Kerstin F. said...

Congrats and welcome, I look forward to new inspirations!!!

Olena Shynkarenko said...

Congratulations girls ! For me it is only a dream to be in Your team !

Sanderijn de Bruin said...

Congratulations everybody! Wow what an amazing team! Can't wait to see their projects!

Katia said...

so much talent!!! welcome!

Naiara said...

Great! Congratulations ladies!!!

Sandi Clarkson said...

Do you think you will ever lift the Google + requirement? I've elected not to use it for various reasons is why I ask. Thanks.

Elena Arts said...

wow!!!! Congrats to all!!!! I am so happy to be a part of one of the best design team in the world!!!

Catherine Giguère said...

Congratulations to all the new DT! Karine Gagnon, I'm so happy for you! Have fun! :)

Arantzazu said...

Congrats and welcome talented ladies!

Наталья Деева said...

Welcome everyone!!!!!!

Ella Swan said...

I am very happy to have these lovely new ladies joining us!!!! And also some wonderful ladies staying on too!!!