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January to June 2015 Design Team Announcement!

Hello everyone!  
It's time to say goodbye to some ladies here & hello to some new ones!

For some of our team their terms were up & not for others. 
 We have had quite the changeover of team members in 2014
 & it has all got a little confusing!  From now on we will not be adding
to our team at any other times than our DT calls - the next one of which
 will be at the beginning of June - so if you think you would make a great
ambassador for your country here at Scrap Around The World - & your work is
 of a superb standard {along with your work ethic too~!) then remember
 to come back in June & check out our next Design Team call.  

We are saying GOODBYE & THANK YOU to :- 

 Riikka Kovasin, our Instagram manager, & all round very helpful person!  
She will be SORELY missed along with her oh-so-natural TALENT,
cheerful disposition & constant diligence & willingness to help.
She has served MORE than her term with SATW & is very
much in demand, so we all wish you all the best sweetie!!

Admin Team - Instagram Manager & Finnish Ambassador

Alexandra Polyzou is also leaving us after a VERY long term!  Since the very
beginning she has been with us & in charge of our Wall of Fame & doing a 
magnificent job!  Just like Riikka, Alex has really grown her wings since
she has been with us at SATW & will be sorely missed for her very
sweet & helpful nature & her eclectic style!

Admin Team - Wall of Fame Manager & Greek Ambassador

Kim Ewins is also leaving us & will be missed for her oh-so-calm
disposition that I guess comes from being a mother of 8!  Kim
has been our Guest Co-ordinator, liaising with our Guest Designers
& Guest Teams for quite some time now.  A job that involves a lot
more than one would think, with back & forth revisions to get
everything perfect for you!  Thank you Kim!!

Admin Team -       Guest Co-ordinator & Australian Ambassador

Erica Houghton has also helped out regularly behind the scenes
for me, updating our winners in the sidebar & our Past Winners page.
Thank you Erica for being so reliable & drama free!!

Admin Team - Recognitions Officer & American Amabassador

Goodbye too to my very dear, long-term friend Marilyn Rivera,
who has created some stunning pages for us during 2014!

American Ambassador

Goodbye to Agnieszka Bellaidea who was honestly INVALUABLE 
to Scrap Around The World when we first began, she has been around
THAT long!  She found us almost every one of our first sponsors &
also produced our first mood board, which set the precedent for the
way we have created our mood boards ever since!!

Canadian Ambassador

Byebye too to sweet Amy Voorthuis!
Amy shared her lovely shabby style with us this year!!

Dutch Ambassador

Goodbye to one very talented lady, Anna Komenda, who is one of 
only TWO ladies to have ever won TWO challenges at Scrap Around
The World, so that alone really puts Anna into a different league!!
Anna we will miss you & your amazing work!

Polish Ambassador

Goodbye too to Anna Rogalska, someone whose style I greatly admire!

Polish Ambassador

Goodbye too to Kasia Bogatko with that sweet smile!!

Polish Ambassador


Before introducing you to our new ladies these are the ladies who

Admin Team - Facebook Page Manager & Australian Ambassador

Di Garling, our Facebook Manager, THE MOST CONSCIENTIOUS
practically single-handedly got our Facebook followers up from
a few hundred to over THREE THOUSAND!!  

We plan on being even more active on Facebook next year
 by dedicating some of our ladies to helping Di out commenting
 on all your amazing work there.  Our Facebook Community
 sure is one fun & vibrant place to hang out!!

Admin Team - Monitor, Feedback Manager & Canadian Ambassador

Pam Ellis is also staying on as our monitor.
Pam keeps track of EVERYTHING that happens at
Scrap Around The World!  She is my eyes & ears &
our comment warrior!!   EVERY MONTH she comments
on EVERY ENTRY - that in itself is quite some feat!!

Admin Team - Tutorials Manager

Heather McMahon has not been with us long so is also
staying on & proving herself oh-so-handy for helping out
with all sorts of stuff, mainly our Tutorials!!

Admin Team - Sponsorship Assistant & Finnish Ambassador

Terhi Koskinen is staying on as my Sponsor assistant,
as well as producing all round AMAZEBALLS projects!!

Admin Team - Mid-Month Reveal Poster & Polish Ambassador

Tusia Lech is staying on as one of our 
& also our mid-month reveal preparer!

Australian Ambassador

Rachael Funnell is staying on as our new Wall of Fame poster!

Belarus Ambassador

Tatiana Sidorenko stays on as our ambassador from Belarus
as she has not been with us long & her work is GORGEOUS,
not to mention she is seriously conscientious & a great DT member!

Brazilian Ambassador

Hera Sugitani is staying on as our Brazilian Ambassador!

Finnish Ambassador

Karita Vainio is staying on as our Finnish Ambassador!

French Ambassador

Lydie Denis is relatively new to our team
 & staying on as our French Ambassador!

Indian Ambassador

Jaya Raghuvanshi is also relatively new to our 
team & staying on as our Indian Ambassador.

Norwegian Ambassador

Marianne Johannson is our newest DT member
 & Norwegian Ambassador & ART JOURNAL SPECIALIST.

Polish Ambassador

I am happy to say that Zuzia Bodakowska
 is staying on as our Polish Ambassador.

So we have 13 LADIES STAYING ON & 10 LEAVING!!



Athanasia is one of our Greek Ambassadors.

"Hello!  My name is Athanasia & I'm very happy to be on this great team!
 I live in Greece & I am a music teacher in elementary school.  In my spare
 time, when I am not playing the piano, I love making handicrafts,
 felting, altering things & of course scrapbooking!

 I love scrapbooking because it combines such a vast range of media types,
 not only with memories of my life & my family, but also with emotions & ideas
 that I have in my head & want desperately to express!!

My inspiration always comes from the photograph I use & the limitless
 choices & combinations of mixed media techniques. I love to use gesso,
mists & stamps!   Through scrapping I have found the best way to
express myself & fulfill my artistic desires!  You can find my blog HERE"

Fiona joins us as another of our Australian ambassadors!
There certainly are several extraordinarily talented ladies down under!!

"Hi! My name is Fiona & I live in South Australia with my husband.
 I have 2 adult children who have both moved away to pursue their careers.
 I have been a scrapbooker for almost 15 years now but I have only recently
discovered the online world of challenges & design teams!

 I'm enjoying meeting so many amazing & talented people & having a chance
 to share my love of creating as well as being exposed to a never-ending stream
 of  ideas, techniques & wonderful creations from my online compatriots!!

 My work is contemporary & I absolutely love using mixed media on my projects.
 Since I've discovered modelling paste, gesso & watercolours I love using them
on everything I create!!  I currently design for 4 other teams ranging from a
 Facebook-based challenge group through to a kit club.

I dabble in making video tutorials that I like to share on YouTube too & cannot
WAIT to be a part of SATW & share my love of creating with you all.
You can find my blog HERE." 

Jelissa joins us as our Singaporean Ambassador.
Jelissa is part of an elite group {anyone else love that
line from "Couples Retreat"?!?  As she joins our soon
to be ex-DT member Anna Komenda as one of only 2
ladies to ever win TWO challenges here at SATW!

"Hi, I'm Jelissa & I'm from Singapore, where it is summer almost
 the entire year round!   In my previous life I was a forensic scientist 
with the crime lab but now I'm a home-maker who teaches scrapbook
 workshops  as well as designing for various Design Teams, 
amongst many other things that keep me busy!

I started off as an underwater photographer but moved my camera
 on to dry land & began taking photos of my sons as they were born :)
 In 2010 I discovered scrapbooking as a way of showcasing these photos 
& preserving the wonderful memories of my family. 

My style has evolved over the years & I do a lot of mixed media work with
 a strong focus on creating backgrounds & layers, with an artsy but also
 shabby, feminine feel. Scrapbooking is a way of life for me now.  

 I'm so honored to part of Scrap Around the World, as it has been an
 important part of my art journey thus far.  I really look forward to sharing 
my creations with you. You can find my blog HERE"

Nicole joins us as our Canadian Ambassador,
our Guest Co-ordinator & our CANVAS SPECIALIST.

"Hello!  I'm Nicole Doiron from Canada's beautiful east coast. 
 I share my life & home with my boyfriend of 8 years, Yves, & our furbaby, 
Sugar the cat. I often sing in the shower & I have a quirky sense of humour. 

I have always had an artistic side... drawing, writing poetry & trying different crafts.
 I work in a regular day job & can't wait to get home every day to my studio!!

 I started scrapbooking in 2004 & have never stopped. 
I create mostly layouts, both single & double, 
as well as cards, canvases & altered items. 

My overall style is shabby chic with lots of flowers!
  I love to get my hands dirty with different mediums like gesso, 
molding paste, mists & paints!  I am thrilled to join Scrap Around The World 
as I've been a fan  from the beginning.  This is truly a dream come true for me!
You can find my blog HERE."   

Pascale joins us as our French Ambassador!

"Hello Sweeties! My name is Pascale &  I live in France, near Tours,
 with my 2 teenagers.  I started scrapbooking at the end of 2010.
One of my hobbies is photography & over the years I’ve taken a LOT
of pictures!!   but they always stayed on my computer.

I’ve always liked handicrafts, so scrapbooking has proved the perfect way
to combine both of my hobbies as well as being a way to express my
creativity & showcase my photos. Flowers have always been an integral
part of my creations & I have gradually started to use mixed media as well.

 My style is free, vintage shabby & I would love for you to visit my blog HERE."

Sandra Przybylska

Sandra joins us as our English Ambassador
 as well as our new Instagram Manager!

"Hello! My name is Sandra Przybylska & I'm a mother of one lovely baby boy.
 I started scrapbooking in July 2013 & it has become my biggest passion.

 I love creating layouts, cards, Project Life pages as well as altered projects
 & art journal pages.  I always create with paints & stamps & can't live
without Mixed Media!  I cannot wait to be inspired here as well as to
 inspire you!  You can find my blog HERE."

Tanya joins us as our first ever Russian Ambassador!

"Hi! My name is Tanya Dudkina & I live in the wonderful city of Saint-Petersburg
in Russia. I'm 22 years old & happily married.  I can't imagine life without
 scrapbooking, art & traveling. I enjoy each moment of my life & I love that
 scrapbooking allows me to share my thoughts & emotions & gives me 
total artistic freedom to express myself. 

I'm absolutely in love with mixed media & shabby chic
I love trying new techniques, mixing up new paint combinations
 & experimenting!  I also love teaching scrapbooking classes & am 
constantly inspired by my wonderful students!  I'm sooo happy to be
 in such an amazing team!!  You can find my blog HERE."

Tiphanie Sunshineandscrap

Tiphanie joins us as another of our French Ambassadors
as well as one of our ART JOURNAL SPECIALISTS!

"Hello!  I'm Tiphanie & I'm French, a full-time mom & am fascinated by the 
universe of scrapbooking & the arts associated with it. I'm a big dreamer,
 full of imagination. Scrapping is a mixture of philosophy & therapy for me. 
It is a leisure in which I represent my dreams & my reflections on the world.

 I always try to express an emotion in what I'm doing, whether it is through
 the photo or in the page itself. I began papercrafting in 2012 with cards
 & decorating boxes, but I quickly grew tired of those so continued on 
with scrapbook pages.  I have a very free style that uses a lot of  ink & painting. 

I'm honored to be an ambassador for the Scrap Around The World 
team & to share creations with you.  You can find my blog HERE"

Valia Katzaki

Valia joins us as another of our Greek Ambassadors.

"Hello!  I'm Valia Katzaki & I live in Athens, Greece.
 I am happily married with 3 children {a teenager & two toddlers}  - 
a lethal combination!  I started scrapbooking 3 years ago & have
 been hooked ever since! I love flowers & chipboard embellishments 
& always incorporate them into my layouts, even when I am scrapping my boys. 

I love colour & working with muted tones as well as beautiful, bright, saturated 
ones too!  I love shabby & romantic styles as well as getting my hands dirty 
with mixed media to customise my work into something uniquely ME!

 I am really honored to be part of the Scrap Around The World team 
along with SUCH talented ladies & I cant wait to share my love 
for papercrafting with you all! You can find my blog HERE."

Veera joins us as another of our Finnish Ambassadors.
Finland is quite the land of talented scrapbookers!!

"Hello! My name is Veera Saarivuo & I live in Finland, near our capital,
 Helsinki, together with my husband. About 2 years ago I found the wonderful
 world of scrapbooking. Scrapbooking to me is all about documenting memories
 & life's little details. I find inspiration & topics for my layouts from my friends
 & family, our vacations abroad & from my everyday life.

My style is clean & simple with white space & delicate details.
 I'm so honored to be a part of the Scrap Around The World team 
& can't wait to share my projects with you.  You can find my blog HERE.''


And of course I am staying on too LOL!!

Site owner/Sponsor Co-ordinator/Team Lead & South African Ambassador

You can find my blog HERE.  I am the owner & manager here at 
Scrap Around The World & it sure is one fulfilling job!!  It is a dream
come true for me to work with such a talented bunch of ladies
 & continuallymeet & be inspired by so many hugely creative 
& inspirational people.  

I work hard to keep Scrap Around The World on the top of it's game by
bringing you a constant stream of inspiration from ladies that are not
only very accomplished artists but also team players, who integrate
with the SATW community & share their time & knowledge with our
players too.  

In May Scrap Around The World will be 2 years old!  I can't believe it!! 
 Time sure has flown & really SATW is like another child to me now 
as there is hardly a day that goes by that I do not have to attend to
 some need or other LOL!!  

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has ever been a dedicated
designer here.  Your time & talents have not gone unnoticed or 
unappreciated & thank you too to our players, who keep us going! 

 As well as to our amazing sponsors, some of whom are extremely
 generous with not only our prizes but also now sponsoring product
 discounts to our new team.  No-one should have to work for no
remuneration & I am so pleased to have instigated what I hope will
be the way forward for challenge blog teams, to benefit from 
designer discounts from a wide spectrum of different vendors.

Please support us in 2015 & we'll do our best to bring you a wide 
range of  great monthly inspiration as well as fantastic top-quality 
prizes,recognition, Guest Teams, Guest Designers & tutorials!!


For 2015 we now have the following countries represented:-

Australia - Di Garling, Rachael Funnell, Heather McMahon & Fiona Paltridge
Belarus - Tatyana Sidorenko
Brazil - Hera Sugitani
Canada - Pam Ellis & NIcole Doiron
Finland - Karita Vainio, Terhi Koskinen & Veera Saarivuo
France - Lydie Denis, Tiphanie SunshineandScrap & Pascale B
Greece - Athanasia Papantoniou & Valia Katzaki
India - Jaya Raghuvanshi
Norway - Marianne Johannson
Poland - Tusia Lech & Zuzia Bodakowska
Russia - Tanya Dudkina
Singapore - Jelissa Mei
South Africa - Helen Tilbury
United Kingdom - Sandra Przybylska


Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Bitter sweet time... All the best to those leaving. I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations around the web.:)

Congrats to all the new DT members! Looking forward to a new year of inspiration from you all at SATW.

Helen, thanks for daring to dream the blog up, taking the time to make it happen, and to the community that you have gathered and created here. Bravo my friend!:)

Lizzy Hill said...

Loved catching up with who is coming & going & staying on!!! Looking forward to the new girls & the new year's inspiration from you all:)

Athanasia said...

Wow, I'm so excited to be in this great team!!! Congratulations everyone and to those who are leaving I wish all the best!

Wilma Voermans said...

A great team you added and goodbye to the ones that leave. One of my intentions for 2015 is to make time and play along at SATW when I can. All the good wishes for the whole team.

Tusia Lech said...

I am so happy to be a part of this amazing place! All ladies: leaving, staying and new ones are so talented and wonderful! New year will be definitely amazing for SATW!

Giorgia Rossini said...

if you need an Italian, I'm here LOL!
Congrats to the new team

Karita said...

Welcome to the new ones, so so happy to work with you :)
And those who are leaving, I´m looking forward to see your new adventures next year :)
Happy to be on this team :)

Amy Voorthuis said...

Wow Helen, what a wonderful design team!! It was such a great honor to be on this team in 2014.....and I will try to play as much a I can in 2015. LOVE your blog ❤ hugh hugs

Jaya Raghuvanshi said...

So excited to be joining again :) Best wishes to all ladies..joining and leaving. It was wonderful working with such talented ladies here and so looking forward to new experiences!

Di Garling said...

So glad to be part of this amazing team. Can't wait to see all of the wonderful inspiration from all our super talented new ladies. Welcome again girls.

Tiphanie B. said...

I'm happy to join a stunning team with talented ladies and for trusting me in this adventure !

Hera said...

I am so so happy to be at SATW Design Team again! It's an honnor! I would like to thank so much Helen and all my sweet and talented friends here! It will be a great time together, for sure! Love SATW!!! Good luck, ladies!

The Colour Press said...

Such a lovely line up of talented scrappers. Sure to be my fav place to hangout in 2015. Look forward to seeing your lovely projects and learning too.

langeatheart said...

It's been such an honor working with such talented ladies and I am so excited and looking forward to the coming year!

alexandra polyzou said...

Huge huge congrats to the New Design Team wwho really rocks and especially to Athanasia and Valia!!!!!Also once again a BIG THANK YOU for having the opportunity of being here for such a long term!!!Always a great pleasure and honor!!!

Unknown said...

Hey there, I see a lack of USA representatives, I do believe I'll try in June. Have wonderful fun ladies!!!

Valia Katzaki said...

Great team! I am so honored to be amongst these ladies! Congratulations to everyone! Can't wait to start!

Thuria said...

What a beautiful international DT! I love this! Happy 2015 to all of you!

Jean Bullock said...

For the wonderful artists who are leaving, best of luck to you and Happy New Year.

Welcome to all the newcomers and welcome to those who are staying because I don't know if I ever said welcome when you came on board.

Here's to a great New Year!

Tanya Dudkina said...

Thank you for invitation!! So happy to be a part of team!!!

Ella Swan said...

Wow what a love overload!!! 😍😍😍

Riikka Kovasin said...

Thank you Helen for inviting me to join and letting me be a part of this amazing team! Thank you also for your sweet words! It has been a huge honor and joy to be a part of SATW! The new team looks so awesome and can't wait to see all that talent in action! Wishing you all the best 2015!

zuziucha said...

I am soooo happy to be on this team for another year. Thank you Helen soooo much! It is an honour to be amongst such talented people! This months inspiration is so beautiful. I love the moodboard.