Wednesday 29 May 2013

Challenge 1 Winner, Features & Honourable Mentions {May 2013} Scrap Around The World!

Hello Ladies!  The moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived!!
The Design Team have voted & I have the correlated the results!
A HUGE "thank you"!!!!  to everyone who participated to make 
this a very exciting competition with 
EIGHTY TWO entries from at least NINETEEN different countries!
{not everyone remembered to add their country to their link - 
please do - it's such fun to see where you are from!!}

1st place goes to Arnlaug Koppang! {from Norway - I think?!}

Congrats Arnlaug - we all agreed your layout was super
 awesome, creative & just downright OUTSTANDING!! 

 Please email me at with your postal address for me to
 pass onto Inkido so you can receive your huge new collection from
 Papercrafts Scandinavia! 
{we will also discuss your GUEST DESIGNER offer!!}

2nd place goes to Moriony from Poland!

 photo P5215609_zps37cf3033.jpg

Congratulations!!  Stunning layout - that is unquestionable!!

Please e mail me with your postal address so you can 
receive the new paper collection from 13arts!

3rd place goes to Mona Pendeleton of the USA!

Mona is a highly talented artist as is plain to see!  

Please e mail me Mona so I can pass your postal details onto Scrapmatts
& you can receive a pack of their latest & greatest chipboard!

4th place goes to Heather McMahon of Australia!

Such a fun & pretty layout with lovely detail!

Heather you've won some beautiful flowers from Inkido so please
email me your postal details so I can get those sent off to you!




Now for some important acknowledgement for 4 ladies whose entries
 were also FANTASTIC & who came very close to being featured - our

{each month we will have a few of these based on entries that were just
 a few points shy of the features so the amounts may vary from month 
to month but will not exceed 10% of our total entries}.  

Sandi Smith from Canada!

This layout is just WOW!!!

Cathy Lane from South Africa!

Beautifully put together masculine page!

Po Prostu Asia from Poland!

WHAT a funky page!!

Ava Gavloski from Canada!

Stunning monotone, technique-filled page!!


Last but not least our random winner is....

Helen Wallace of Australia!!
You win a large collection of assorted goodies from me
so inbox me on Facebook with your address please!

We talked behind the scenes about the awesome background on this page - 

All winners are required to contact me within one week to claim their prizes - 
subject line (you really don't want to know how many emails I have
in my inbox & I want to be able to find yours easily!)

Well that's it from me!  
Come back on Saturday to see our new challenge!!
Once again thank you to EVERYONE who participated & please join us
again next month - it's not just about winners - we want you to have fun!

Don't forget to leave some LOVE for all these lovely ladies - 
we are all about encouragement & mutual support around here!!!

Monday 27 May 2013

Last but not Least! {I hope!!} Meet Jules & Helen!!

Hi everyone!  This is NOT the winner's post - SORRY!!  
We are still working on that - fast & furiously behind the scenes - the judging is on the go "full steam ahead!" but there are just so many beautiful pages & only 4 merit prizes so this really is very difficult & fun but not fun too!!

Time to meet our gorgeous Sketch Designer Julianne McKenna-de Lumen
who goes by the name of Jules to all who know & love her :)

1. How much time do you spend creating each week?

. I usually scrap everyday, although this depends on my schedule and family
plans. I usually scrap during the day on weekdays & at night on weekends. 

2. Do you have any other hobbies/obsessions as well as scrapbooking?

I enjoy reading (I'm an insatiable bookworm), travelling,
going to the gym, photography & collecting Blythe and Barbie dolls.
{ My husband reckons I enjoy collecting cats too! }

3. What can you tell us about where you live?

. Mount Barker is a quaint little town that is 'officially' considered one of the 
cloudiest & wettest places in Australia! In other words, I am living in 
the Australian version of Forks, Washington USA (but without the vampires!!).    

Remember you can read more about our designers under the 'Design Team' tab HERE.

And here I am!! You can find my blog HERE 
& I update it 5 or 6 times a week on average - I am rather a blogaholic - 
so pop over if you are ever short on inspiration & hopefully you'll find 'something' inspiring!!

1. How often do you scrapbook?

I usually end up scrapbooking about 3 or 4 times a week but when I do
I spend at least 4 hours standing at my scrapbooking counter!

2. How long does it take you to complete a scrapbook page?

It can take me anything from one to four hours to complete a layout.
Earlier this year I tried out a faster style of scrapbooking that was more
'freestyle' but while it was fun I've reverted back to creating pages that
I am proud of, although they do take a lot longer to create!

3. Do you listen to music while you scrap? 
If so name 3 songs on your media player.

Oh yes, I have to have music blaring whilst I am scrapping although my
kids make me turn it down as they do their homework at the same time!

I don't have a set taste in music - I just like what I like!!
Right now 3 songs I'm enjoying are:-

'It's time to Begin' by Imagine Dragons
'Suitcase for a Home' by The Parlotones
'Closer' by LocNville
{those last 2 are awesome South African bands!}

Well I hope you enjoyed finding out more about US & YES I will be back 
within the next few days to announce the winners of our last challenge!

Friday 24 May 2013

Say HELLO to Leonie & Zaneta!

You can view our current challenge HERE where we already have dozens & dozens of awesome entries!  
Get yours in before midnight EST on Saturday if you want to be in with a chance to win!

Hello Peeps!  Happy Friday!!  
Well we are nearly through meeting the Design Team. 
 I hope you've enjoyed this little series as much as I have.  

These ladies are all awesome & you should get to 
know them, learn from them & follow their awesome 
blogs where the love for their art really shines through. 

 Today we have Leonie Neal-Dawson from Australia & Zaneta Glowa from Sweden.

{Zanka as she is also known by the online community}

1. How did you discover scrapbooking?

Like a lot of people I know I discovered scrapbooking through 
a friend who invited me to a Creative Memories Demonstration
& I was hooked from the beginning!

2. What's your day job? 

Mostly I'm a stay at home mum to our children but on some
weekends I do casual night shifts as a Registered Nurse.

3. How often do you scrapbook?

I am fortunate that I'm able to scrapbook at least 5 days a
week.  Most weekday afternoons will you will find me in 
my scrap room for a couple of hours while the kids are 
at school.  I love that quiet time to myself, I don't 
always achieve a lot but it's fun trying!

Don't forget that you can read MORE about all our 
fabulous designers by clicking our Design Team tab HERE.

1.  How often do you scrapbook?

 I have a full time job with lots of commuting time plus 3 kids 
& a husband so I can only work during the evenings about
4 times a week & sometimes stay up far too late!

2.  How long does it take you to complete a layout?

 I'm a slow scrapbooker so it takes me 2-3 evenings. 
I spend quite a lot of time thinking up the concept & trying out
different supplies to see what works best for my page/story.

 3.  Do you snack while you work?

Ooooh I would love to but I don't dare!  
Instead I always have a big cup of tea with me!!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all had more time to scrapbook?!
I suppose that goes for everything in life...never enough time...

Well YAY for the weekend!!

Hope you can all leave the cleaning for a few hours
& indulge in some precious art therapy instead :)

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Meet Kasia & Keren! And Remember our First Challenge closes on Saturday!!

See our current challenge HERE.

Please remember we close our challenge on the 25th of each month
which is this Saturday coming up this month, so please get your
layouts or canvases linked if you have them ready or get creating
if you had the intention to participate!  

Some of the prizes we have up for grabs this month are 
NEVER TO BE REPEATED so this really is your last 
chance to win big on those!

This month I am introducing the SATW designers to you in pairs
& we still have 3 more pairs to cover so on with the show!!

Meet Kasia from Poland, now living in Istanbul, Turkey.

Kasia is a great blogger & has a HUGELY inspirational blog - 
if you don''t yet follow it you certainly should!  It's definitely
my best 2013 discovery so far...

1.  How often do you scrapbook?

 Whenever I feel like it! It averages about four of five times a week, 
depending on what projects I have due in for my Design Teams.
I love diving into my stash whenever the mood strikes!

2.  Do you have any other hobbies?  

I love cooking and baking! Discovering new recipes always makes 
me happy. I also love running, it's my most surprising hobby ever! 
And I'm an Instagram addict :)

3.  Tell us about the country/area you live in?  

It's impossible to describe Istanbul in few short sentences, but I can tell you
it's a really inspiring place to live! We have the beautiful Bosphorus cutting 
through the city with ships slowly passing by, amazing historical places, 
culture that has developed over centuries from various different
influences & lately more and more trendy and artsy spots in the city!
The food is truly awesome! Traditional Turkish breakfast is amazing!!

You can find out even more about Kasia & Keren by reading our Design
Team tab at the top of the Scrap Around The World blog HERE.

And here we have Keren - a very well-known & popular
scrapbooker in the online community, known especially
for her gorgeous floral creations!

1.  How did you discover scrapbooking?

A friend of mine introduced me to a scrapbooking store close by.
That was ten years ago now!. I went to a few classes & was hooked!!

2.  How often do you scrapbook?

I aim to scrapbook every day but don't always manage, although 
usually I scrapbook daily unless I am sick or really busy.

3.  How long does it take you to complete a scrapbook page?

It takes me anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on drying times - sometimes
I have to leave the page until the next day but mostly I finish in one session.

Gosh well I know where I want to visit next for sure! 
Istanbul!! Sounds incredible!!!

And I'm with Keren on the times...same with me, it takes me around 3 hours
to complete a layout - I can do it in less but I don't enjoy rushing the process!

How about you? Are you into scrapbooking for the art therapy or more
interested in getting another layout done for the album? I know that
time is a huge consideration for most of us but I've realised I'm NEVER
going to be able to scrapbook EVERY photo & finally accepted that :)

Sunday 19 May 2013

Meet Sweet Jessy & Juraci!

To view our current challenge go HERE!
The entries are rolling in thick & fast this month!!

I hope everyone that wanted to take part is busy working on their layouts because this
 month's prizes are just FANTASTIC!  Go check them out if you haven't already!!

  It's a great opportunity for you to get hold of some brand new,
 hot-off-the-press stash that is not even available in all stores as yet :)

Today I am introducing you to Jessy Christopher from Malaysia
 & Juraci Falcucci from Brazil!

1.     How did you discover scrapbooking?

 It was all started when I discovered Scrapbook Etc Magazine!
Scrapbooking materials were scarce to find back then so I 
started with digital & hybrid scrapbooking and finally ventured
into paper scrapbooking in 2008.

 2.     Do you listen to music while you scrap?  

If so name 3 songs on your media player...    

Yes, I need to listen to music when I scrap. 
Right now 3 songs on my player are:-  

Adele – Someone Like You, 
Phil Wickham – At Your Name
Freedom Reigns – Jesus Culture

3.     Tell us something interesting about yourself!

I have a thing for the British accent :) 
Think Hugh Grant, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, 
Sean Connery and Rupert Everett. 

When I hear that accent I just melt!

1. How did you discover scrapbooking?

 My daughter was pregnant and lived in another city when I visited her and found a scrap shop in the mall. 
I was delighted and did one album for her and her new baby. After that I was hooked and couldn't stop!!

2. Tell us about the country & the area you live in...

I live in a part of Brazil that is really hot practically the whole year round, with only a few cold days. 
We have some dams and lakes in the surrounding towns where people enjoy water sports.

3. Do you snack while you work? 

I don't like to eat when I'm working on my pages but I do love a cup of coffee ♥


These two ladies are both so talented & passionate about their craft
& I thoroughly enjoyed reading their answers, how about you?

I'm also a sucker for a charming British accent which is 
actually how I fell for my husband 29 years ago!!

And I'm always amazed at how coffee unites the world!!!
Oh how I would love to try a cup of genuine Brazilian coffee
in Brazil - someday I will visit & meet up with Juraci!

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Meet Two Beautiful People! Eila & Gayle!!

 To view our current challenge go HERE.

Say HELLO to 2 fabulous ladies today!
Eila Sandberg from Sweden & Gayle Price from Australia!!

To know them is to ♥ them!!!

1.  How often do you scrapbook?

 I always have 2-3 pages that are in different stages of progress. 
Flowers are omnipresent on my pages so I start by choosing them first, 
not the papers! I do the bulk of my creating over the weekend.

2.  How long does it take you to complete a layout?
My pages take about a day or a day and half to finish. 

3. What's your day job?  
I work as an Executive Assistant/PA for the Vice President 
of a Telecommunications company.

Find out MORE about Eila & Gayle by reading
about them under the 'Designers' tab HERE.

1.     Do you listen to music while you scrap? 
If so name 3 songs on your media player.

I can't scrapbook without music!
Turning on my music is the very first thing I do!! 
My music taste is eclectic....rap, hip-hop, jazz, blues, world...

                 3 songs I'm currently listening to are:-

                 "Heaven" by Emeli Sande
                 "Little Aches and Pains" by Paul Kelly
                 "The Day That Never Comes" by Metallica

2.      How long does it take you to complete a layout?

It usually takes me about half a day. I tend to work slowly & experiment 
with mixed media as I go along, so quite often get side-tracked! 

3.    How often do you scrapbook?

About 3 or 4 times a week.
I don't like to work at night so I make the most of daylight & especially
love to work early in the morning with loud music and good coffee.

Well I loved learning about Eila's process!
I think choosing flowers first is a FAB idea!!
And I wish I was an early morning person like Gayle - 
I end up creating at all hours of the night!

We all LOVE hearing how others do things so please
feel free to SHARE with us in the comments section,
we want to get to know our players! :)

Friday 10 May 2013

Up Close & Personal with Anupama & Christin!

*** To view our current challenge GO HERE.***

Time to meet another couple of ladies from our talented design team!
Give it up for Anupama Choudary from India & Christin Gronnslett from Norway!!
Wooooop!!!  Read all about these 2 lovelies under or Designers' Tab HERE.

1. What's your day job?
I am a happy stay-at-home mom. When the kids are at school,
I am in my home studio creating for my Design Teams or working 
on commissioned projects for my own label 'Once Upon A Time'.
2. Describe your favourite project.
An ongoing project that is close to my heart is a series entitled
'Postcards from India' where I portray life as I see it everyday
around me. From street vendors to our temples, India is colourful, 
diverse and exotic!
3. What are your fave nibbles & drinks while scrapbooking?
I thrive on coffee while creating. On days when I am truly happy 
with my layout or the response to my work, I reward myself
with a slab of chocolate!

1. How often do you scrapbook?
Most nights, when the kids are asleep I sneak down to the basement
to my scrap cave! I don’t always make anything, but I get inspired 
& usually get something crafty done as I can’t stand sitting watching 
TV in the evenings - I like to be productive!
 2. How long does it take you to complete a scrapbook page?
It varies so much! My process can be really fast or very slow, but 
on average it takes me 2 evenings to finish a layout and over the
weekends I can get 4 or 5 layouts done.  If I'm feeling really inspired
& have a sketch & the products ready I can finish a layout in 30 minutes
– including stencilled backgrounds!
 3. Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I wrote my thesis about American Military Strategy in Norway from 
1957-1963. In 1995 I started a web page about Kids' TV from the 60's
to the 90's….that was until scrapbooking took over! 

Well I don't know about YOU but I found those facts REALLY
 interesting!!  Why not leave some LOVE for these two
 hard-working designers in our comments section?!