Tuesday 18 February 2014

Design Team Call! 2014 Term 2 {May 2014 - October 2014}

Hello again everyone!!  Just reminding you all about our DESIGN TEAM CALL in case you missed our first announcement.  {It was within another post HERE} but here are all the important deets for you again.

*We have had such an amazing response that I am already making my 
shortlist so please DO NOT DELAY - the sooner I receive your entry the better*

We have nearly completed a year here at Scrap Around The World & I am in need of some new Ambassadors!  
At last the time has come for everyone to have a chance to join the SATW team!!  I have
 had countless enquiries as to how to do so over the last year so here is the 411!!

I will NOT be sending any confirmation e mails, nor will I be replying to anyone other than the successful applicants, for no other reason than lack of time :(  Running this challenge blog is a detailed & time-consuming job
 in itself & is only a small part of what I do so I ask for your forgiveness & understanding in advance :)

 I check my spam folder regularly so there is no way I will miss your application but if you would like 
to leave a comment ON THIS POST to say that you have applied I will get back to you ONLY IF I 
HAVEN'T RECEIVED IT so that can give you some peace of mind if you are concerned about that.  

I have put all the necessary/vital information into a jpeg for y'all!  

So that all interested parties can right click & SAVE to your desktop 
{to make it easier for you to refer to}.

Anything needing clarification?
Please leave your question here & I will answer it asap!
All the best for your applications!!

If you are interested in joining the Design Team at SATW
here is the information you need...

1)  You need to have taken part in one of our challenges,
so if you haven't played yet, now is your chance.  Play
along with our current {February} mood board & link up!

2)  You need to have your own, current & active blog.
We are looking for people who have an established 
online presence, as we need to spread the word about
our new challenge site & our ambassadors help us do that!

{That means you need to blog regularly - at least once a week
 on average} & have built up an online audience.  

3)  You need to be on Facebook {regularly}.  This is because
 Facebook is a great marketing tool & makes it really easy for us
 to share our information there, with our Facebook Friends &/or
 Followers & also because Facebook Groups are the way 
Design Teams store, share & discuss their "behind-the-scenes"
 information with one another.  

However, it is fine for you to have just a "fan page" rather
than a personal page.  We are ALL expected to SHARE
SATW info regularly on Facebook as well as to blog about
the SATW reveal once a month on our own personal blogs.

4)  You need to have or create a Pinterest account to
 be able to PIN your project to our group board once a month.

5)  You need to create ONE PROJECT PER MONTH, to 
be ready by the 25th of the previous month, irrespective of
 whether or not you are in the 1st of the month reveal or the 
Mid-Month (16th) reveal.  

5)  You need to SHARE the reveal post in FULL on your blog 
once a month, including our prizes & sponsor information (but not 
everyone else's projects - just your own) by the 3rd of each month,
 including a link back to our reveal post.  

{Our mid-month team shares the first reveal post by the 3rd 
& then their project on the 16th, 17th or 18th of each month,
 on their blog, including a link back to the mid-month reveal}

6)  You will be on comment & voting duty every alternate
month & will be required to comment on half the entries
only then send in your top ten votes within 60 hours of
entries closing.  So you have one month on then one
month COMPLETELY OFF commenting & judging.
This should take no more than an hour on average
each month (2 hours every 2nd month) absolute max.

7)  You need to be prepared to help out with small administrative
tasks each month to split the load of responsibility, as you may be 
asked by the admin team to help out in some small way.
  This will not amount to more than an hour per month if that.

8)  We are looking for Scrapbooking Artists, Mixed Media
Artists & Art Journallers from ALL AROUND THE WORLD
but you need to have a good command of the English 
language in order to communicate within our Facebook
group & join in our discussions there.  We don't mind at 
all if your English is not perfect, we do not judge that :)

9)  You need to read the instructions below & apply exactly
as we have asked, by sending NO PHOTOS PLEASE,
 - you need to create a hyperlink in your email - to your
 blog - so I can look at your creations there.  If you have 
played at SATW more than once you only need to 
link up to ONE post on your blog, in your email.

There is no compensation for challenge blog positions,
however those experienced with them can vouch for the
satisfaction, exposure & experience gained from
 being on well-run & well-supported teams like SATW.

Scrap Around The World is in need of designers from all over the world & representative of all different styles too. The selection process is never an easy one as there are many factors to take into consideration, as well as a limited number of places.  Only a small amount of people who apply for a Design Team position can be successful SO please don't take it personally if you don't make the team.  

There is always next time or other opportunities that come along!
Thank you so much (in advance) to those of you taking the time to apply!!


 on Facebook HERE to benefit from all we have to offer you :)

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